Welcome to our resources page for the Diocese of El Camino Real. You’ll find links to information for diocesan and congregational leaders, committee members, parish administrators, and clergy. Included are leadership rosters, legal and financial resources, personnel resources, stewardship information, national church materials and more.

If you’re unable to find the materials you need, please email our diocesan office at info@realepiscopal.org or call 831-394-4465.

Commission on Ministry

Congregational Development

Constitution and Canons

Finance, Administrative and Legal Resources

Leadership and Committees

Personnel – Clergy and Lay Staff

Spiritual Resources

Stewardship and Giving

Looking for more resources? The Episcopal Resource Center is located at St. Thomas’ Church in Sunnyvale, Cal. A rich library of resources is available for worship, liturgy, education, spiritual development, congregational development, stewardship, and much more. New features are regularly added to the library software, found at the Online Catalog here. For more information, email Carol Campbell, librarian, at resourcecenter@stthomas-svale.us.