Dear Friends,

It is with deep sadness that I share with you the news of the death of Bishop Michael Perham, Bishop retired of Gloucester, one of our partner dioceses. As I shared last fall, Michael was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor that was the eventual cause of his death. For those of us who knew Michael through the partnership, among other things, we were inspired by his exuberant faith in the resurrection. He was a man of great hope and joy and a good friend to El Camino Real. He will be missed but the gifts he gave to us will remain in our hearts for a long time to come.
Below is his wife Alison’s email to us. You can also read Michael’s last letter at this link; true to form, it speaks powerfully of what he deeply believed about the all-embracing reality of salvation. And, of course, a blessing.
May Michael know himself fully alive in the resurrection with all the saints, and may we know it too as we are inspired and uplifted by this faithful man. The Lord is Risen! The Lord is Risen Indeed!
Easter blessings of grace and peace,

Photo courtesy The Diocese of Gloucester

Dear Friends
I have some very sad news. Michael died peacefully at home on Monday evening. Michael travelled his own journey in Holy Week with wonderful spiritual support and was much comforted by the knowledge that so many people were thinking of him and praying for him. He received the Oil of Chrism from Gloucester and renewed his Ordination vows and we watched the Eucharist from Hereford Cathedral on Easter Day. All the family were together and he died with his family around him
He spoke to me about thoughts he was having that he wanted to share with you all and so I have attached the last letter that he wrote.
I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the loyalty, friendship you have all shown us. It has been an experience I will never forget and your generosity has meant a hug amount to our whole family.
As Michael would say, We are the Easter People and Allelulia is our song.
With love and gratitude

The Old Mill