The Standing Committee is proud to announce the slate of candidates for the 4th bishop of The Diocese of El Camino Real. Read their biographies and Q&A answers here (in English and Spanish). Each candidate will submit a brief video introducing themselves, which will be posted to the website in the next few weeks.

A seven-day petition period is currently open, during which additional candidates may come forward. The petition forms and the requirements are available here. Completed petitions and backup material must be submitted no later than March 16 by midnight Pacific Standard Time. Anyone considering being a petitioner is asked to notify the President of the Standing Committee, the Rev. Shelley Denney, immediately at, even before filing paperwork, so that background checks may begin as soon as possible.

Everyone in the diocese will have an opportunity to meet all five candidates during a series of “Walkabouts” held the week of May 4-11. Details and schedule will be posted in the near future.

In order to create a level playing field and to provide equal opportunities for the candidates and the diocese to learn about each other, the candidates have been asked to refrain from coming into the diocese as guest preachers, retreat leaders, workshop presenters or in other capacities. Nor should people in our diocese contact the candidates or ask them questions. All questions need to be asked equally among all candidates and heard by the diocesan public, which will take place during the walkabouts. This is a standard practice in Episcopal elections.

Please check the bishop search page regularly and subscribe to Along the King’s Highway to view videos and for updates about the candidates.