Annual Appeal

Dear Friends,

Since the launch of the Bishop’s Appeal, the Diocese of El Camino Real has been richly blessed by the generosity of Episcopalians from Palo Alto to Arroyo Grande. We’ve enhanced our support to 42 congregations with clergy transitions, strategic and financial planning, leadership training, congregational development, communications consulting, educational assistance, and more.

Now we’ve begun the next step in the evolution of our diocese, changing the DNA of El Camino Real into a learning, collaborative and dynamic community. We’re raising the commitment and the skill level of congregations and helping them inspire leadership in one another. Many of our congregations now actively minister in their local communities, which is how they and our diocese will grow. To thrive – and not merely survive – we’re committed to furthering the kingdom of God by growing congregations, widening the scope of our ministries, and by bringing God’s healing and hope to a chaotic world.

Thanks to you and your support for the Bishop’s Annual Appeal, your diocese:

  • awards more Mission Opportunity Grants
  • supports educational and partnership efforts
  • provides communications and development support to congregations
  • is exploring and developing new ways of “being church”

Help us continue our vital ministries to congregations and communities! Please consider making a gift by visiting

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