For the first time in a generation our diocese is offering a day-long conference for everyone who is in ministry with children and youth; professionals and volunteers, both lay and clergy, are invited. The conference will take place Saturday, August 27, from 9:30 am – 3 pm at St. Paul’s Salinas.

Young people want to belong before they “believe.” Traditionally their parents and elders teach young people to believe first, then behave . . . and then we allow them to belong. How can we turn this around, placing relationships first, so that we can connect with the younger generation in authentic and faithful ways?

Putting relationship-driven ministries in the context of a holistic model of sustainable and missional ministry called Holy Currencies, the Rev. Canon Eric Law will guide participants on a transformational journey to explore how to build our ministries through strengthening our internal relational networks and expanding our external network into the neighborhood community.

You will enjoy new connections with your ministry peers across the diocese and ideas that will impact all of your interactions with children and youth. For more information on this event and to register, click here.