Nearly 300 Episcopalians from across the diocese gathered in Salinas for the 36th Annual Meeting of Convention, which took place November 4 & 5 at Sherwood Hall to conduct the business of the church, share ideas, worship, and inspire one another.

“Being a learning organization, or community, is very Biblical,” said Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves in her annual address, which examined the need for such communities and provided an update on the diocesan Strategic Plan Remix. “It is also a concept found in the corporate world … spreading the Kingdom of God would suggest we learn to be partners together so that justice and well-being for all can be a reality. People of faith are the link between the two.”

Bishop Mary’s 2016 Convention Address can be viewed and downloaded at this link. The 2016 Strategic Plan Remix can be found here.


The Rev Barbara Miller, Bishop Richard Garcia of the Catholic Diocese of Monterey, and Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves at Evening Prayer service on Nov. 4.


Nearly 30 recipients of the Simple Servant Award were honored at Convention for their work with prison and jail ministries. About 50 people total received the award.