Congregational Development

Church congregations need to be equipped to manage the sweeping changes in ministry that come from serving diverse populations. The Congregational Development program, overseen by the Rev. Canon Jesús Reyes, effects mission and multicultural development in congregations across the Diocese. With support from the Bishop and relevant committees, congregations learn to develop and grow their missions, enhancing both the multicultural identity of El Camino Real and the spiritual leadership of our diocese.

Other benefits include:

– Engaging in collaborative ministry with a variety of diocesan bodies and committees to provide vision, resources, ideas and connection with the goal of building a greater body of Christ in the Diocese of El Camino Real.

– Provide resources, ideas and consultation for evangelism, stewardship, congregational growth, health and development.

– Recommends and (if approved) coordinates the implementation, supervision and support of ministry in new geographical and cultural areas.

– Assistance in clergy leadership transition by working with vestries and search committees to discern the direction of future ministry, call excellent new leaders, and engage in professional practices around deployment.

Canon Reyes chairs the Mission Commission and works with congregations engaged in the Missional Partnership Program.  The Canon also supervises and liaisons to the Bishop the work of the Congregational Transformation Commission and the Partnerships Commission.

References for congregational use include the following:

The Beloved Community

Courageous Learning: Nurturing the Beloved Community

Mapping Exercise: Reconnecting Your Church with its Core Mission


Geographic Mapping

Faith Development Mapping

Mind Mapping

Community Asset Mapping

The Art of Prayer: Benedictine Spirituality

Day One: Introduction to the Art of Prayer

Day Two: Stability

Day Three: Obedience and Discernment

Day Four: Core values

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