• Mary Gray-Reeves Bishop

    The Rt. Rev. Mary Gray-Reeves is the head of the diocese, both legally as the ecclesiastical authority and chairperson of the corporation, and spiritually as the chief pastor. Visit Bishop Mary’s page.

  • Mary Beth Powell Administrative and Communications Assistant

    Mary Beth manages the Bishop’s appointment and travel calendar, handling her correspondence, doing research and following up on all things ecclesiastical and canonical, including Diocesan Convention. She’s involved in hospitality for events at Sargent House and supports other staff members in day-to-day operations.

  • Brian Nordwick Canon to the Ordinary for Finance and Administration

    The Rev. Canon Brian Nordwick directs the administration and manages the business affairs and finances of the diocese. He ensures that the bishop and all diocesan programs have adequate resources to realize ministry development and advancement – including guidance in areas of deployment, staffing and mission programs.

  • Jesus Reyes Canon to the Ordinary for Congregational Development

    The Rev. Canon Jesus Reyes oversees mission and multicultural development in our congregations. He works with diocesan staff and committees to develop and grow congregations and missions, the diverse cultural identity of El Camino Real, and the spiritual leadership of the diocese.

  • Tiffany Martin Accountant

    Tiffany manages the accounting and payroll functions for the Diocese, including maintenance of accounts payable, accounts receivable, and the general journal. She also administers the diocesan risk management and group insurance programs.

  • Elrond Lawrence Communications Specialist

    Elrond manages communications for the Diocese, edits the weekly e-newsletter Along the King’s Highway and oversees the website. He also manages the El Camino Real Facebook and Twitter pages.

  • Joanna Shreve Treasurer

    The Treasurer has custody of all funds belonging to the Diocese and is responsible for paying budget approved bills and for investing funds as authorized by the Board of Trustees.

  • Nancy Mahoney Cohen Chancellor

    A legal advisor to the diocese, the Chancellor works closely with the bishop and is an advisor to the entire diocese. In this advisory role, the chancellor covers contracts, constitution/canon revisions, property, employment issues and more.

  • James Booth Risk Management Consultant
  • Scott Kindred Website Management Consultant
  • Lisa Bennett Development Consultant
  • Jo Weber Archdeacon
  • Maly Hughes Secretary of Convention

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