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Finance, Administration and Legal

COVID-19 updates, PPP/loan documents, employee policies, Constitution & Canons, budget/business documents, vestry training and more resources.

COVID-19 Protocols

Revised October 15, 2021: Protocols for the sharing of food in an institution of The Diocese of El Camino Real are revised as of 10/15 due to the decrease in rates of infection in our area.

Read the newly revised sharing of food protocols here.

Amendment to August 18 COVID Protocol Statement (Aug. 31, 2021)

Contact Tracing is an important part of preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  All institutions in the diocese should have a plan for contact tracing when there has been exposure to someone who tests positive for the virus. In our diocese, contact tracing requires an organization to keep a record of all persons that attend a church or school event so those people may be notified in the event of a potential virus exposure. Check with your local authorities on when it is necessary to report contact with an infected person.

Those in charge of a church or a school should review the links below to familiarize themselves with information about the spread of the virus and the details surrounding the necessity and procedures for contact tracing:

The Rev. David H Starr, on behalf of The Rt. Rev. Lucinda Ashby

Church Protocols

Indoor Gatherings:
Indoor gatherings are permitted and masks are required. The number present at a gathering is dependent on how many persons may be in the space properly socially distanced.

Outdoor Gatherings:
Outdoor gatherings are preferred. Masks are optional, but strongly suggested. Maintaining social distancing is recommended.

Social distancing:
Maintain reasonable distance, especially indoors. The CDC recommends a distance of 6’ from others not in your household.

Good ventilation decreases the risk of the virus spreading. Maintain good ventilation when gathering inside.

Masks that cover the nose and mouth must be worn indoors. Due to the dangers inherent in the Delta variant, masks are strongly suggested outdoors.

Bread only. Distribution with gloves or tongs preferred. However, other TOUCH FREE methods may be used.

Hand sanitizer:
Hand sanitizer must be provided at gatherings on church property. Clergy and Eucharistic ministers should use it before distributing communion.

Choir members must maintain a distance of at least 12′ from each other and from the congregation while singing without masks. Soft congregational singing, indoors behind masks is permitted.

See October 15 revised protocols above.

Other groups using parish facilities:
Any groups using parish space must agree to abide by diocesan and parish protocols.

Any person, volunteer or employee, working with children must offer proof of vaccination. Masks must be worn at all times and all protocols carefully followed. Use hand sanitizer and practice social distancing indoors and outdoors as possible with the little ones.

Our goal is to be mindful and caring of those at risk; who that is may shift depending on research, vaccination, and individual health concerns.

Please note: Parishes’ protocols may be more restrictive than diocesan protocols to protect people in your context. Parish protocols may not be less restrictive than diocesan protocols. Read the latest message from Bishop Lucinda

Paycheck Protection Program

Updated April 29: The Paycheck Protection Program reopened January 11 for new and existing PPP borrowers. Updated PPP guidance outlining program changes was released Jan. 6 in accordance with the Economic Aid to Hard-Hit Small Businesses, Non-Profits and Venues Act.

Please review the following documents and email the Rev. David Starr, interim parish resource, for questions.

Employee Retention Credit under CARES legislation

Recent COVID relief legislation expands the tax credits available for employers, including non-profits, for relief from certain payroll taxes, including an employer’s share of Social Security taxes on wages paid in 2020 and 2021. Looking at the program’s requirements, however, it appears that it will be difficult for a parish to qualify for this relief, particularly if it received a PPP loan. We have nevertheless posted information here if your parish wishes to investigate the ERC’s benefits and requirements.

The newest guidance on PPP and Employee Retention Credit is available here.

Legislation was signed into law by President Biden on March 30 which extends the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) application period to May 31, 2021. More information is available here.

Vestry & Treasurer’s Training Slides

Below are presentation slides from the workshops for vestry members, treasurers, and church leaders across the Diocese of El Camino Real, held during March 2021.

Legal & Governance

Constitution and Canons

The Constitution and Canons are the written rules governing diocesan policy, structure and procedure. They must be in conformance with the Constitution and Canons of the national church.

Read more

Discipline Claims

Title IV of The Episcopal Church canons details the grounds and process for ecclesiastical discipline. It encourages accountability, justice, reconciliation, restoration and pastoral responses. You can read Title IV in the most recent edition of The Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church beginning on page 131 and learn more about the disciplinary process on the Understanding Title IV website.

Concerns about inappropriate behavior by a clergy of the Diocese of El Camino Real should be directed to our Clergy Disciplinary Intake Officer, The Rev. Maly Hughes.

Sample Letters of Agreement

Cover Letter from Diocesan Deployment Officer – PDF

Letter of Agreement – Rector

Letter of Agreement – Vicar

Letter of Agreement – Interim Pastor

Letter of Agreement – Deacon

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