Is God calling you to a ministry of graceful hospitality? Now is the time to ask whether the Holy Spirit is calling you to serve on the Bishop Transition Committee.

The Transition Committee will play a vital role in the process of electing and welcoming our next bishop. It will pick up where the Search Committee leaves off: arranging for us to meet the candidates and for the candidates and their families to meet us. Members of the committee will act as shepherds for bishop candidates, assisting them during the process of the election and ensuring the best possible experience of Christian community, whether or not they are elected as the fourth bishop of El Camino Real.

The committee will provide support for the Electing Convention on June 1, 2019, and then assist the bishop-elect as he/she arranges to move here. The committee will also coordinate our celebrations of thanksgiving and leave-taking as Bishop Mary completes her ministry among us as bishop, and they will be an important part of the team for the consecration of our next bishop.

If you have gifts of hospitality, pastoral care, organization and can throw a great party, please consider whether God may be calling you to serve in this way. Members will also need to attend a Transition Committee retreat on Saturday, November 10. The application form is available here.