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Mission Commission

Guiding congregations to grow and develop intercultural ministry
Bishop Curry & San Pablo Seaside group

The Mission Commission provides administrative and financial oversight, planning, and goal-setting with congregations in the Diocese of El Camino Real participating in the Missional Partnership Program or the Mission Opportunity Fund.

What does the Mission Commission do?

The Mission Commission assists — financially and organizationally — all diocesan congregations that desire and show potential for growth and diversification of their congregation. The commission utilizes evangelism, church growth and advocacy to develop intercultural ministry throughout the diocese.

The Commission reports monthly to the Bishop and has regular interactions with many other diocesan groups. From time to time, the Mission Commission publishes internal management documents. Core values include:

Intentionality: Connecting our congregations with the context in which they do ministry.

Citizenship: Create in congregations — especially those in transition — a stronger sense of belonging; help the membership of a congregation be a mindful stakeholder.

Discipleship: Help congregations and their members achieve a deeper sense of spiritual identity and maturity. Confirms their essence and purpose as a Christian person.

These three values intersect and overlap, creating new synergies for growth and development. The Mission Commission faithfully adheres to the Canonical mandate as defined in Canon 6.

Mission Opportunity Grants

The Mission Opportunity Grant (MOG) is a program created by the Board of Trustees (BOT) and managed by the Mission Commission. The MOG awards grants not exceeding $15,000 dollars to congregational missional initiatives as described in the application form. The grant is provided only once per program; it does not repeat.

Mission Opportunity Grant Guidelines

Mission Opportunity Grant Application

Managed by the Mission Commission, this diocesan program is designed to assist congregations in expanding their missional efforts in the areas of church growth, diversification, and reinforcement. This program assists congregations for a maximum of three years – depending on performance – and provides an assistance of no more than $25,000 dollars per year. Applications are sent out to interested parties in June, and are due back by the middle of August. To learn more about this program or to explore the possibility of participating, contact the diocesan office.


  • That a rich variety of congregations be developed to include diversity in language and culture.
  • That congregations will intentionally worship and work across cultural lines, listening to and learning from each other, collaborating and working to fulfill the Great Commission.
  • That the Diocese will encourage and support the spiritual and organizational growth of its existing congregations while exploring the need for good stewardship of diocesan resources.


We seek to serve and equip the people of the Diocese of El Camino Real for ministry in our multi-ethnic society through the following actions:

  • Encourage and oversee our diocesan missional initiatives exercised through the Missional Partnership Program and Mission Opportunity Fund. This includes providing financial support and organizational management.
  • Provide practical ideas and information for missional work, especially for merging congregations.
  • Help to plant new congregations and develop existing missions.
  • Assist in developing partnerships between congregations of different ethnicities and among individuals and churches ministering to specific groups.
  • Create awareness and proposals for response to demographic patterns and shifts within our diocese (racial, ethnic, language, and other patterns).
  • Visibility for missions and promotion of their wider participation in diocesan convention and operations.

For additional information, contact the diocesan office.

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