“I am of the view that churches have the potential to have and host [civil] conversations as one way to live out our Christian
mission of reconciliation in our communities . . . both congregational and beyond,” wrote Bishop Mary in last week’s message. In that spirit, you’re invited to join us on Saturday, May 21 for an important spring conference: “Living Room Conversations: Respecting, Reconciling, and Appreciating Differences.” Online registration can be found here.

Joan Blades, who helped start MoveOn.org and founded Living Room Conversations, is the featured speaker for this conference. She will share insights and tools for creating hospitable dialogue around difficult issues.

The May 21 conference will begin at 9:30 am and end at 4:00 pm, taking place at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Salinas. Cost is $25.00 and lunch is included. For questions, contact Mary Beth Powell at marybeth@realepiscopal.org. Whether paying online or at the door, be sure to sign up via our online registration here.