On Saturday, March 25, The Rev. Bob Ott dedicated a historic cross replica at St. John’s Chapel in Monterey during a meeting of the Monterey Deanery.  The cross is the second replica of the original Portola-Crespi cross, which was raised in 1769 at what is now called the Del Monte Dunes, overlooking Monterey Bay. It served as a beacon and guide for the Spanish ships resupplying the Portla-Crespi expedition. Exactly 200 years later, a replica was erected on the same spot. There it remained until September 2009 when vandals cut it down and left it face down on the sand. That cross was not put back up for fear of threatened lawsuits, but instead given to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Monterey.

Last Easter, another cross was raised in that historic location by unknown persons. The City of Monterey discovered the cross and decided to take it down, again due to lawsuit concerns. In November, while representatives of St. John’s were at a planning commission hearing at Monterey City Hall, the city approached Rev. Ott and offered the cross to the church.

“We intend to illuminate the cross in the very near future,” noted Ott, “to be a beacon and guide to those seeking Jesus!” (Photo by Laura Lawrence)