About 300 delegates, clergy, lay leaders, and guests from across the Diocese of El Camino Real gathered on November 6th and 7th at Sherwood Hall in Salinas to worship, network, get inspired and to conduct the business of the diocese. “Values” was the theme of the annual convention, the 35th since El Camino Real was founded in 1980.

Kicking off with a Friday afternoon Eucharist, the convention is an opportunity to review the past year’s activities, challenges and accomplishments, pass resolutions, hold elections, and honor exceptional members of the diocese. Appointments and elections to diocesan roles also took place. Scroll down to view a special photo gallery.

On Saturday the 7th, Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves delivered her annual address. She announced a “remix” of the strategic plan and encouraged congregations to consider their own values and how they embody them in their communities.

“Examining our values can inspire us to change,” Gray-Reeves explained. “Such an examination can call us to deeper integrity, intention and spiritual practice.  Such reflection keeps us close to the foundation of who God calls us to be as members of the Body of Christ.  As we seek to live more deeply into the values we understand as Christian, we take on the likeness of Christ.  We take on the mind of Christ. We embody the values of our faith in the world.”

Read her complete address here or visit our Diocesan Convention page for more updates on resolutions and elections.

Award highlights included:

  • The Bishop’s Cross Award was given to The Rev. Kathey Crowe and Joe Chouinard for their leadership and contributions to the diocese;
  • The Simple Servant Award was presented to the “Walking Together Ministry” at St. Mary’s by-the-Sea in Pacific Grove
  • A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Members of the Relocation Team for steering our diocese to the historic Sargent House in Salinas.
  • A second Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Ann Wright for her work with the Conference Education Resource Committee.
  • The final Certificate of Appreciation was given to Kim & Julie Fudge and Becky Mikkelsen for their work with the Scholarship Fund for the Diocese of Western Tanganyika.

See more information and pictures on the Diocesan Convention page.